Our Vision

A world where people are learning, living and flourishing

Our Mission

Enable conscious evolution in people towards well-being

The Era of Well-being

We believe that humanity is changing how we perceive the world around us. This era requires us to establish a new social contract, and we need institutions led by purpose that add value to Life. We must reform how we conduct business to thrive in the Well-being Era. Together, we have the power to collaborate and co-create solutions to the sustainability challenges we face. We are now in the Well-being Era, a living system where individuals and businesses contribute to enhancing Life.

Journeying With You

You wonder about your organisation’s succession and success, feeling the full responsibility of stewarding the organisation into the unknown. You cannot imagine what it is like to have the organisation fail under your watch.

OCTAVE Institute is committed to collaborating with you to co-create a future together. Our approach involves combining insights from ancient practices and modern science to create effective methodologies.

Quantum Leadership

A Purpose-led Profit Institution has leaders who are aware of their purpose, aligned with their passion, willing to collaborate, and open to co-create a future together. We support you to discover life’s purpose, create new experiences, shift consciousness, and be a force for good to serve Life as a whole.

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Our Ecosystem for Transformation

OCTAVE Institute seeks to support your organisation to embrace change and transform it heart-wards, and ready it to flourish in a world that needs actions that positively impact Life.

Stewardship of Life Journey

Quantum Leadership

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Mindful Emotion Programme

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