Mindful Emotion Programme


Be Responsible for Your Emotion

A programme that helps you gain awareness and understanding of your emotions and conditioning allows you to navigate each day calmly, clearly, and consciously. Become the leader you were meant to be.

Gain Insights, Re-examine Your Worldview

As an integral part of the Stewardship of Life Programme, this programme is the next step of the transformation journey, which brings insights and broadens worldviews through the inner work on emotions.

What Participants Learn

Participants can be comfortable with who they are, cultivate emotional balance, explore the nature of reality as a mental construct, and take full responsibility for their roles in work and life.

Key Benefits

Emotional Awareness
and Resilience


Courage to take
control of your action

Learn more about cultivating emotional awareness and agility to transform your relationships

Facilitators & Practitioners

Chavalit Frederick Tsao
Tai Sook Yee
Rosseana Wong

Programme Designer – Steward

The Mindful Emotion Programme is designed and led by Chavalit Frederick Tsao, the founder of OCTAVE. Supported by Programme Stewards Tai Sook Yee and Rosseana Wong, they bring you a wealth of knowledge, experience, and practice from the perspective of a practitioner, so you will take away practices and actions that will facilitate change.

Who Should Attend

Individuals from all walks of life who are looking to uncover their limitations, break free from their constraints, and wish to build healthier relationships in their personal and professional lives.

Business leaders and senior managers from multi-generation family businesses or corporations who are looking to practise mindful leadership and become stewards of their own lives.


"The MEP program will take you on a journey to meet your true self, your natural state, where you will realize that you are not you, but you are just a part of a larger living system"

- Bruno Lorenzon, Head, Group Business Planning and Review, IMC Industrial Group

"MEP offers a theoretical framework at first instance before participants are invited to experience various life transforming practices. It offers a deep journey into oneself, deepening your self-awareness and understanding of your emotions, which provide a good place for you to work with your other significant relationships"

- Sherin Goh, Chief, People & Organization, IMCPAA

"Through MEP, I have gotten a clearer glimpse of how I think, what I feel, and recognise my instinctual patterns, and in that awareness, I have learnt to step out to experiment living out in new and more constructive ways. This has helped me to focus on the key relationships at work and in life. With a more integrated self and ability to access a richer source of intuitive wisdom, I feel more empowered to become a steward of my own life, to make my own choices, to chart out my path, in service of others"

- Joanne Teh, Head of Coaching Practice, OCTAVE Institute

Programme Details


Over 3-4 months

Next Run

To be announced
2nd half of 2024


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Combination of Online & Singapore & Residential Retreat