Mindful Living Programme


Cultivate Leaders with Purpose

A programme that holistically engages leaders to create lived experiences that shift consciousness and experience oneness with Humanity. When leaders experience connection, they will discover their Purpose and build Purpose-Driven organisations and communities.

Discover the Dividend of Joy

Conscious leaders know their true selves and their purpose. When they create, they create both the dividend to enjoy and the dividend of joy. This immersive and experiential program transforms the leader both physically, mentally and spiritually, unlocking their potential to flourish.

What Participants Learn

Participants will experience the power of consciousness shift and holism. Supported by our team of coaches and practitioners, you will start a transformative journey, tailored to fit your readiness for transformation, starting with practice of the OCTAVE Living Habits.

Key Benefits

Greatly reduced
stress levels

Overall increase in
a sense of well-being

Improved Focus
and Clarity

Learn more about the 8 living habits that support the shifting of conciousness and holism

Facilitators & Practitioners

Chavalit Frederick Tsao

Designer & Lead Facilitator

The Mindful Living Programme is designed and led by Chavalit Frederick Tsao, the founder of OCTAVE. Chavalit started his journey by asking himself the question, “Why am I here?”, and he discovered that humanity has become disconnected from each other. The fourth-generation business steward has committed his life to serving the new era, and this is part of his Stewardship of Life flagship programme.


Who Should Attend

Senior leadership from impact funds, multi-generation family businesses or corporations who are seeking a path towards developing a purpose-led business and/or a happy & impactful holistic life.

Board of directors that are envisioning how the new era or the well-being era will play out and seek to better appreciate the purpose and role of business leaders in such an era.


"I truly enjoy this MLP program as it really makes me reflect a lot of my thought and action on myself could impact others and environment which I would not have think in my daily life"

- Tan Siew Ling, Senior Procurement Executive, IMC Ship Management

"An amazing life changing experience"

- Capt. Jagan Satyamurty, Director, Aurora Tankers

"I feel the benefit of this program for my healthy body, mind and soul"

- Gunanta Sitepu, Director, IMC Planation

"This is transformational. I am very impacted and impressed. This will change the world"

- Vernon Lim, Senior Consultant, Monarch Advisory

Programme Details


7 Days

Next Run

July 2024


Batam, Indonesia